Catworld is a small town that is next to Penguin City. It is in Club Penguin Island. This is where the KLA HQ is. There is a town-like side and a amusement-park-like side. The KLA HQ resides in the amusement-park-like side. The theme of the town is cats. But sometimes there are issues that don't relate to cats (on the town-like side). The town-like side has less cat-ness than the park-like side. When Agent Extreme kills Ballono and destroys the KLA, he will spare Carworld because he doesn't kill innocent people.

Government Type Town-like: Republic Park-like: None
Governor Ballono
Time Active 20 years
Currency Cat Money (special type of currency just for this town)
Major Locations Town Hall, Cat Fountain, Roller Catster
Minor Locations Kitty Bank, The Spinner
Inhabitants Any kind (mainly penguins and cats)

Cat MoneyEdit

Cat Money is a special type of currency just for Catworld (more info will be added soon).

Roller CatsterEdit

The Roller Catser is a roller coaster located on the park-like side in Catworld. It is the most popular location in Catworld and a landmark in all of Antarctica! Penguins come from all around the Southern Ocean just to ride on this! But secretly, it is where the KLA HQ is. It is located inside the big tabby cat that has its arms in the air like a star.